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Newman Mallon has extensive experience in the strategic planning, writing, design and execution of marketing and communications programs including brochures, catalogs, web sites, trade shows, ads, direct mail, audio-visual presentations, feature articles, case studies and press releases.

To learn more, view my resume or one of my reference letters below.

For writing and design samples of ads, direct mail, brochures, posters, and more, please see the Gallery section or call 
(416) 285-0911 or e-mail today!

Bullet    Newman Mallon - RESUME

Bullet    Identicam - Solica Reference Letter from Jeff Sharpe

Bullet    Delrina Technology - PureData - KMS Productions Reference Letter

Bullet    Oxford Intelligence Reference for work as Business Correspondent

Bullet    PC ImageWare Reference for Freelance Work on Software Launch

Bullet    Compuserve Reference (Computer Distributor)

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